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One of the most popular ways to earn money on the Internet is online casino. Gambling or simple words "excitement" went too far in its development. Online casinos offer a huge range of services to their customers. Everyone can find what he is interested in the first place. Someone goes to the casino to earn money, finds unusual strategies and gets decent fees. But most of the players still prefer to just relax here and get a lot of positive emotions.

Online casino and mirrors

. Unfortunately, modern players do not have an opportunity to get a problem-free access to facilities of this type. In CIS countries, the issue of gambling is treated too harshly.
  1. Belarus allows you to create even real casinos on the territory of your country, but there are special legal sites for this. The government has also developed a separate tax regime, but any illegal platform is blacklisted.
  2. Ukraine has only begun to address the issue of legalization. This is the easiest place for players.
  3. Russia has developed a huge number of criteria for evaluating online casinos. It is extremely difficult to work on the market, and to get a license, moreover. Casinos are forbidden on the net in general, the country has only learned to strictly regulate the bookmaker's offices. In Russia, to check the legalization of online casinos developed a special body - Roskomnadzor.

Online casino mirror - what is it? The activity of online casinos on the Internet is blocked (especially for the Russian audience). As soon as the casino site starts its work, the algorithm of Roskomnadzor immediately finds it and blocks it. In this case the user does not have access to all the functions of the site. IMPORTANT: mirror - the ability to play without problems and blocking. The second name is an alternative address. The mirror does NOT carry any changes. This is 100% copy of the online casino, where the player was. All the functionality of the mirror remains relevant, users do not lose anything. IMPORTANT: the only difference between a mirror and an official website is the domain name (address in the browser string). This does NOT affect the quality of its work in any way.

Why is Russia killing the online casino industry?

. This is a government decision. There are several reasons:
  1. Taxation supervision. The sphere of gambling is practically unregulated, and the state treasury is NOT replenished. Every gambling establishment must obtain a special license and be registered on the territory of the country, whose players take part in it.
  2. .
  3. Game control of minors. The big problem is the lack of parental control. Children just register at the casino in the hope of quick earnings. At any moment they can win, withdraw money and enjoy life. However, practice shows that in the future, teenagers enter online casinos much more.

Online casino and earnings is it real? Naturally! If a player professionally approaches this case, studying in detail the rules of the game of any game software, the probability of his victory increases significantly. There is a small circle of professionals in this sphere. They are able to earn just space sums. These people develop their algorithms, studying in details the game software. This significantly increases their profits and practically destroys all losses.

Casino X is a new level of customer service

. This gaming establishment is in special demand among Russian and Belorussian players. We registered the platform in 2012. For several years of its work Casino X has achieved significant results. Today there are more than 300 000 registered users, and the daily audience reaches 50 000 people.

Preferences and features

. Given that Casino X is in great demand, the following advantages should be noted: Often players are trying to find a mirror of the official site of the casino X. It is not so easy to do, but on our site the administration regularly offers working links to